Just a Thought: Fear

Like a sword, the beam of light slices through its black surroundings

Darkness: a simple state in which there is no light. Yet we as humans, whether we’d admit it or not, find fear in something that literally isn’t there. One might argue that it’s because we aren’t able to see anything. Then why is it that in the darkness, we close our eyes to feel safer? Or that we hide under pillows or blankets that we know can’t protect us? Perhaps it is because everybody at some level, needs to know that they are protected; that they’re safe from harm. Or perhaps it is because being unable to see things causes our minds to form a canvas. Though it be black, we paint clear, vivid pictures that seem almost real. The surrealism of our imaginations strike hard at our moods. If we are scared, the darkness can then take the form of our deepest fears. The inability to protect ourselves from our imaginations forces us to do the one thing we can to protect ourselves: to close our eyes. This gesture almost seems like an act of surrender; a statement of weakness. Then the light comes back on, and we see that there is nothing to fear, and we move on. As we mature, the fear loses its grip, but it never really seems to let go, does it?


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