Why We See in Colour, Kind of

Quite recently, I had a term test for my psychology class, and for the essay section, there were two prompts, of which students were to choose one from: Naming and describing the use of the four brain lobes, and detailing how one might survive and function differently without a chosen lobe, or outlining and describing the the two theories of colour. Now to answer these questions, students were expected to pay attention to lectures and remember topics such as the above mentioned, however, I haven’t exactly been the student with the best attendance, if you know what I’m saying. So instead of jotting down the normal crap answer I usually give on questions that I don’t understand, I decided to be a little more creative and write a short story. Here’s what I wrote, or at least what I remember with a bit of editing for your viewing purposes. Enjoy.

A friend from high school. She didn’t mind being my model so she was always the go to person for photography assignments.

The theory of why we can see colour has been debated by many scientists and evolutionary theorists, simply because they cannot explain it with concrete evidence. However, the story I am about to tell you is generally accecpted as the most scientifically accurate explanation for why we, as humans, can see colour. You see, long ago, far in the days when things like magic, and supernatural phenomenon existed outside of our imaginations, the colours that we see today, were living, real beings. They were called Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple, and they were thought of as the supreme beings that inhabited the earth. The humans feared the sun, and  thought of it as an evil source of energy, and so they hid from it, fleeing from the lands that were under the sun’s domain, and thus hiding deep within caves.

Though they were equally great in strength and vibrance, equity was not acknowledged amongst the colours. Three colours thought themselves to be greater the the others, and so they called themselves the primary colours. They then thought of what to call the other colours, as to make them different from the great primary colours. And so they non-primary colours were called the complimentary colours, as their purpose was to serve and compliment the primary colours.

This did not sit well with Orange, Green, and Purple and so, in a fit a fury, they attacked and ravaged the land, causing mountains and valleys to form. Perhaps they were a bit too rowdy because all of a sudden, there was a large tremor that could be felt all throughout the earth. The colours all gazed into the distance and saw a ginormous, towering wave, heading towards them at a fast and unrelentless pace.

The humans had heard all of the noises and wreckage happening above in the outerworld, and they chose safety and continued hiding in the cave. They waited for days on end as the booms and rumbles were constantly being heard, hidng in their safe little caves.

One day, the noises just stopped. The humans thought perhaps the colours had decided to calm down and that everything was at peace once more. Then they noticed a trickling noise followed by some weird fluid that they had never felt or smelled before, uknownst to them that it was what was the remains of the colours. They followed the trickling sounds as long as they could. They were so focused on the fluid that they didnt notice that they could see better and make out shapes; they didnt notice that light was entering the cave.

Soon the humans were at the entrance to the cave. They noticed that the sun felt warm and dry, completely different from the sticky, wet, and dampness of their dark caves. The golden rays of sun had a hypnotic effect on the humans, and they felt themselves slowly inching towards the exit, as if they were dragged out by an unknown force. As soon as their eyes were exposed to the light, the spiritual remnants of the colours struck and took refuge in the eyes of the humans, desperately seeking a host to keep them alive.

The humans writhed in pain as the colours quickly took charge of the human eye, changing it to be a suitable place for colours. Then as soon as the pain begain, it stopped. The humans slowly opened around, and gazed into the distance with their newly formed eyes, and what they saw, stunned them. The naturally beauty of the world brought forth emotions of joy, for stumbling upon this discovery, and sadness, for not having left their caves sooner.

The humans made a vow to never return back to their caves and to take charge over the earth, as the colours no longer existed in the tangible world.Though the colours were gone forever, they had never truly left the earth, and now lives in each and everyone of the humans.



2 responses to “Why We See in Colour, Kind of

  1. I am extremely inspired with your writing skills as well as with the format for your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it your self? Anyway stay up the nice high quality writing, it’s uncommon to look a great weblog like this one nowadays..

    • Firstly, thanks for the compliment. It really made my day since I wasn’t considered a good writer by a good portion of my teachers.
      Regarding the theme, its one of the free ones, and I just messed around with the template.

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