Banana Boats and Tacos: Challenging Flavours That Are Hard to Swallow

The other day, I was just sitting around doing absolutely nothing (as I usually am), when out of the blue, my little brother, using only the finest and well processed English, said:


My palms remain red to this day. Doctors are baffled.

This then led me to think about the social and cultural differences between countries concerning music. Yeah right. What a way to ruin music. What I was more interested in was what exactly was, and I quote, “black and Mexican”. Was it a mix of the extremely infectious African beats in complete and perfect match with the powerful feeling of daringness and adventure that is of a Mexican fiesta?

Nope. Too bad. Respect points would have gone up.

But he didn’t mean hip hop either. Guess all the exposure to racist SOUNDING parents hasn’t led him to become one as well. So I guess respect points did go up.

Anyway, this was more or less just a post to find out what kind of music people listen to outside of what is socially acceptable (ie. Pop or whatever mainstream music is on the radio these days). Though there are those who deny it, there is a strange attraction to something that a large amount of people don’t know about, like having a secret hiding place. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if we’re playing hide and seek, and I have me good tunes, no matter how hard you poke, you haven’t found me yet.


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