Life as a Box of Crayons

Haven’t seen these babies since third grade

Though the experiences gained with time, people grow to learn that life isn’t black and white, but rather a wide variety of shades and swatches, as well as a swirl of contrasting colours. While on the bus, I had nothing to do except stare out the windows and focus the sky which seemed to be constantly changing, with clouds flowing to form different shapes, and trees, appearing and blocking the blue background behind them. It was then, after a while, I would focus solely on the colours, immersing myself and completely losing my consciousness to the colour, almost to the point of having an out of body experience. This is what traveling to “the other side” has taught me.


Blue can be seen in the sky and in the ocean. It represents the calm, smooth nature of life which, like the sky and ocean, masks the relentless storms in its hypnotizing hue. Blue teaches us to be careful with life, as peace and tranquility can be quickly and easily changed to disorder and strife.


Red presents itself in the sunset, on advertisements, and on falling leaves in autumn. It represents the final actions of a person in an important event, the climax. Red teaches us the importance of the final end, and that all effort will be useless if we don’t finish strong.


Yellow is the blinding sun. When staring deep into its mesmerizing glow, we lose ourselves, and become filled with a feeling of warmness. The bright colours naturally invoke a feeling of happiness as well as raise our moods. Yellow teaches us to always look on the bright side of things and to have an optimistic outlook on life.


Green flourishes in nature; its colour affecting and complimenting the flowers that it surrounds. Green however, also represents envy, which can be seen when the grass overtakes and overpowers the vibrancy of the other colours. Green teaches the importance of role in society and that trying to become the “star” is not always a good thing.


Pink appears and vanishes from sight. It appears randomly on peoples clothing, in the whizzing scenery, or perhaps as day old gum, stuck to the bottom of the seat. Pink represents spontaneity, in how it appears and disappears without warning. Pink teaches us the importance breaking away from what is “normal”, but also while maintaining moderation.


Purple has, in history, represented royalty. Its prestige caries even in present time, with many people having trouble wearing purple because they feel that they are not special enough. Purple teaches us that sticking out is important and that being different is what shapes us as individuals.


Orange is rarely seen around as it is not as bright as pink and yellow, nor does it command a presence like that of red or green. Instead, it works in the background and only compliments the other colours. Orange teaches us to relax and be humble.


Grey is hardly ever seen on anything besides supposedly artistic photography whose image has been rendered black and white. Grey represents uniformity. Colour no longer matters, only shade. However, like the pieces of artwork which have had colour taken away to provoke more emotion, grey takes away the individual flaws of a person, and uses their strengths in conjunction with a group to become strong. As they say, “there is safety in numbers”.


Black, it is the unknown, the void. Black naturally instills a fear in people because not much is known about it, and people fear what they do not know because they do not know how to protect themselves from whatever is lurking in the darkness. Black however is able to coexist with the other colours and in fact, it emphasizes the details of the other colours. In this way, black teaches us to learn to live with our fears.


And Lastly, White:

White is commonly thought of to represent purity, because any imperfections would be seen immediately. But what makes white so special? The colour we see on earth is, to put in simple terms, what we perceive when light bounces of an object and reaches our eyes. White light is not a separate colour from the above mentioned, but a perfect balance. What does this teach us? To become proper human beings, we have to have a good balance of all the qualities of the colours in the crayon box, and tweak the amount to match our personalities perfectly.


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